Invatree software gives distributors full financial control and clear visibility into purchasing, inventory control, sales, CRM, customer service, billing, warehouse management and fulfillment, and our powerful, fully-integrated e-commerce platform is a one-stop solution for distributors to create wholesale and retail businesses on computer plateform. Whether your distribution business has one location or multiple warehouses, Invatree software can help you become more efficient, cut costs, serve your customers better, and grow your sales.

Invatree is extremely simple but powerful and easy to use Invoicing software suitable for all types of businesses.  

Simply enter customer details, product details, pricing etc. and your invoice will be automatically generated.


Invatree includes the following modules:

* Invoices

* Customer Outstanding Payments

* Purchase Entries

* Inventory



Customized Settings:


Company Details: You can customize the name of your company and contact details that will appear on bills.


Tax Details:  Enter your VAT, CST, Service Tax etc as you want it to appear on your invoices.  You can leave it blank either if you have wish to not to use.
Notes: Notes will appear at the bottom of Invoices.  You can use these lines for Instructions, Terms & Conditions etc.
Invoice Header: This header will appear on top of your invoice.  You can use words such as INVOICE, TAX INVOICE, CASH MEMO Etc.
LOGO: You can input your business logo which will be printed on your invoices, reports etc
Backup-Restore: You can backup all your data by clicking the backup button.  You can also restore all your data by just clicking the Restore button




Save As Excel File: You can save each and every Invoice and report as a Microsoft Excel file just by clicking the single button.
View/Search & Filter: You can view a list of all Invoices prepared/Customers/Products.  You can also search and filter them on the basis of Date, Number, or Party Name.  And from here you can directly take a printout or send it by email.

Reports: There are different types of reports you can view or print.

Creating Invoices: Creating invoices is very easy.  Simply press the Create billing button, enter the required information and click the "save invoice" button.  you can preview an invoice, similarly to print an invoice.
Customer Outstanding Dues: You can see a list of all customers whose payment is due.  On clicking on a particular customer entry, you will see a detailed list of all invoices of a particular customer whose payments are outstanding.  You can also take a printout of customer outstanding dues to be sent to customers or keep in file with you.
Purchase Entries:  Whenever you make purchase products, make a purchase entry here.  You can see and print a list of all your purchases for all period or during any period selected by you.
Inventory:  You can see a list of all your products with Quantity Purchased, Quantity Sold and Stock on Hand.  You can also take a printout of Stock Report.



System requirement

Windows xp/ windows vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8, 8.1
Dotnet framework 3.5.
The software is Licensed on per computer per business basis for life time.



Package contains: 

CD containing the software

User Manual within the CD

Registration Process

customer support: You will get full support through E-mail /online support throughout the term.


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